Packwoods Delta 8 Flower 3.5g

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Packwoods Delta 8 Flower – 3.5g

Official Packwoods Delta 8 flower is now out. Packwoods are known for “we grow different,” and this flower surely shows how they set the standard in their flower products for the hemp and cannabis industry. Packwoods is a very large Cannabis Brand that was established in Los Angeles, California.Grab your favorite strain today!

Packwoods Delta 8 Flower – Strains

    • Blue Slurpie
    • Gelato Freeze
    • Kobe OG
    • Tropicana Cookies
    • Sour Diesel
    • Unicorn Sherbet
    • BK Cheesecake
    • Ice Cream Cake
    • Miami Haze
    • Gushers

Packwoods Delta 8 Flower Product Info

  • 3.5 Grams Delta 8 Flower Per Jar
  • USA Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC
  • 20% Potency